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Allison Dent is specialized in value-added financial advisory services designed to significantly grow and protect your capital. Her interventions are strategic in nature, a key part of the life of the business.

Allison L. Dent

Financial Services

We deliver customized M&A advisory services in the following specific areas:

Allison L Dent


We work closely with acquisitive entrepreneurs, executives and investors to initiate, expedite and execute their growth and investment strategies around the globe. Our experienced advisors are seasoned tacticians in when approaching business owners and participating in competitive bidding processes.  

We combine valuation expertise with the experience and commercial acumen to structure, package and finance deals in the most suitable way for our client. Our partners are experienced deal makers and negotiators; we collaborate and deliver a turnkey approach to acquiring a business that allows you to focus on running yours without missing out on an acquisition opportunity.



We are specialized in the sale of companies. We work with entrepreneurs, families and corporations alike. Regardless of the type of transaction, our partners collaborate with the shareholders and/or management to devise an optimal bespoke divestiture strategy.  

Our sector knowledge, established networks both local and global enable us to qualify, engage and the best potential buyers discretely. Our experienced partners are personally involved in each phase of the process.

We deliver consistently outstanding results to shareholders through the best combination of valuation, deal structure, cultural compatibility and certainty of transacting.

Allison L Dent
Allison L Dent

Management Buyouts (MBOs) / Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs)

Certain transactions benefit from third party financing. This can be in the form of a term loan, mezzanine loan, debenture or other. In some cases, it requires that the proper financing in order for the internal buyer, successor to be in a position to process with a transaction (MBO). 

In other situations, the transaction cannot be financed by internal capital resources or it is favorable for a client to finance a transaction externally (to preserve cash or to limit dilution).  Properly evaluating the level of indebtedness of the merged entities ensures that the transaction is financed within acceptable parameters (LBO). 

Moreover, a shareholder of a business may benefit by strategically extracting his/her equity value in the business by securing for the company the appropriate debt instruments, providing sufficient liquidity to repurchase of his/her shares (MBO). Our  partners possess the required financial expertise and network of contacts to facilitate this endeavour.

Our Financial Services team

Our partners have proven transaction track records accumulated while working for leading financial institutions, management consultancies and in executive positions within a variety of industries. Cumulatively, our partners have completed over 500 transactions in the last decade.

Our team has extensive relationships with local industry, government, financial institutions and private equity investors, all of whom call upon us for our experienced, independent and unbiased financial advice.

If you have questions, or want to know more about our services please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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